Refurbished IT equipment becomes popular as focus shifts towards sustainability

As countries around the world move towards Net Zero Economies, there is an increased consciousness among consumers and businesses alike who feel that there should be a more dedicated focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at a macro and micro economic level.

Attention has shifted towards the IT industry where the continued production of hardware is becoming a burning issue. The culture of upgrading laptops, tablets and smartphones every time a new device is produced has created an environment where the carbon footprint of the industry has been thrusted under the spotlight. To curb the environmental impact, refurbished computers are becoming a growing trend.


Circular economy

The upside to this is that there is an increased focus on the circular economy and the role that refurbished IT can play in contributing to the sustainability agenda in organisations.

 Environmental gains, cost savings and stimulating local employment are key benefits which, more and more consumers take under consideration. There is a growing number of companies offering good quality, refurbished equipment or providing IT rental possibilities – which significantly expands the life cycle of electronic devices.


When a company participates in the circular economy, they don’t only maximise their budgets, they also extend the lifecycle of the products that they are renting. Additionally, they create massive employment opportunities for companies who specialise in the refurbishment of these products.


Significant concerns

When considering adding refurbished IT equipment to an organisation’s IT estate, some companies are reluctant and have significant concerns.  The perception is that refurbished is another word for cheap, low-quality products, but this is not the case.

Below are some of the major concerns companies have that can be disputed:

Refurbished hardware is another word for used. Yes, refurbished hardware has been used before, the difference from other used or preowned goods is that refurbished hardware is thoroughly checked, tested, completely overhauled, and verified to function;

  • Refurbished hardware has a short lifespan. Refurbished hardware is overhauled, faulty components are replaced, the latest version of software is installed, specs are upgraded and restored to almost new – meaning, you can expect a long lifespan;
  • Refurbished hardware has performance issues. The rigorous refurbishing process enhances performance and reliability, delivering the same or similar performance as compared to new devices. Qualified professionals test every product before they leave the warehouse and can produce performance certificates for each of their refurbished devices;
  • Refurbished computers have lesser computing power as compared to new devices. In studies conducted of a new computer vs. a refurbished one, based on speed and the tasks performed on each, users couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Refurbished hardware has adequate power and storage for most users, from the CPU and memory to the hard drive; and
  • Refurbished hardware is sold “as is”. Unlike goods sold on a secondary online marketplace that sells goods as is, refurbished hardware from a reputable provider comes with warranties and guarantees. Should a malfunction or issue occur, you can get your computer fixed or swapped out if necessary.


Focus on quality

The ongoing debate over refurbished vs new office PC’s seldom falls in favour of refurbished. Many still believe that new computers are better. Often quoted reasons are that new machines are fast, reliable, and still under warranty.

However, you can get the same from a refurbished computer with significant cost savings. At Qrent, our refurbishment process is a meticulous procedure that puts our machines through a thorough data destruction process, refurbishes machines inside and out, and makes all the necessary aesthetic changes. At the end of this process, is a stronger machine that’s faster and has current software with upgraded specs.

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