IT Short-Term Rentals

If you worked in a permanent location for 2 years, you may consider purchasing a motor vehicle for daily mobility. But if you were only there for 2 months, then it would be better to take advantage of a rental vehicle.

Similarly, not entirely all your ICT hardware should be purchased outright.

At Qrent, we understand the importance of these short-term ICT needs and we have come up with a practical, cost-effective ICT solution that can save you significant amounts and provide you with high quality, corporate-grade IT hardware only for the period you use it for. Serves for any occasion; in any quantity; whenever it may be required.

We have a large stockholding of uniform Tier 1 brands (Dell, Lenovo, HP, Apple) equipment, so you won’t need to mix and match models. Available on demand as you do with a rented car.

Typical situations that need short term IT hardware:

  • Temporary staff/ Vacation staff/ Interns – Why use long term equipment, for short term staff? We offer rentals from 1 day to 12 months.
  • Peak Seasons – Do you need temporary relief staff to cope with seasonal peaks? (e.g. registration period, exams, etc.) We will provide you with appropriate equipment for this period.
  • Short Term Projects – Why purchase IT equipment on a short-term project? With Qrent we offer a pay-for-use model, where you only pay for the equipment for as long as it is needed by the project team.
  • Office relocations – We can supply equipment of an equivalent specification to your office staff while you relocate or renovate your office space. We can even transfer data from your previous equipment to our rental assets.
  • Equipment failure – When your equipment “tragically” fails on you, we have a speedy solution to get you up and running.
  • Events/ Conferences – Qrent will supply, deliver, setup, support and decommission all the ICT hardware you need to ensure your event or conference is a success.
  • Training – Trainers don’t want to be burdened with the hassle of sourcing IT equipment for their delegates. Let Qrent take care of these requirements and allow your trainers to focus on delivering the highest level of training.
  • Unforeseen or unplanned needs for IT hardware – This happens to everyone. Qrent is just a call away to assist quickly and efficiently, eliminating your down-time. We can relieve the pressure for you and provide a turnkey solution. As soon as you receive your new equipment, we will collect our hardware, allowing your business activities to continue seamlessly.
  • Disaster Recovery – you can use our equipment as a stop gap, compliance with DR requirements and so on.

The Qrent Short-Term IT rental solution is focused on providing both financial relief as well as a technology solution for your short-term IT hardware requirements.

Some advantages that you get with each rental include:

  • Only pay for the period used;
  • Full warranty and insurance included for the full term;
  • Flexibility and no down time;
  • Quick turnaround times;
  • Nationwide delivery.

Many small to large organisations have already realised big savings in cost and effectiveness with this smart alternative solution.

If this is a solution that your company can benefit from, feel free to contact Qrent on +27 (0)11 791 0645 or email for your tailor made solution.

This article was published in partnership with InnoVent.

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