Quality Control

Install /


Check order instructions

We check for any special instructions there may be for your order to ensure that the system is configured exactly how you want it.

Install base operating system

Your hard drive is installed with a base level install of the operating system, which can be later customised to your order.

Install / update device drivers

All the most recent drivers (downloaded from the manufacturer) are loaded for your devices.

Check partition sizes

We make sure that all your hard drives are correctly partitioned, and that any special instructions about partition sizes are followed.

Synchronize time with server

Your time is synchronised with relevant government clock.

Install approved Windows updates

All Windows updates and service packs are applied.

Install all software and updates

All software on your invoice is installed and any applicable update packs are applied.

Update optical drive firmware (if applicable)

Your optical drive firmware is updated as applicable, to ensure best media compatibility.

Run Windows Experience Index (if applicable)

Windows Experience Index gives the computer a score that is used to determine which features (such as Aero in Windows 7) should be enabled by default.

Verify purchased software loads properly (if applicable)

We run any purchased software to verify that it loads correctly.

Verify front ports (USB, Firewire, eSATA, sound)

All front ports on your case are verified to be functional. In some cases, it is not possible for all ports to be active (iE, if you have a sound card with no front audio support, we cannot hook it up to the front sound port on a case).

Verify floppy drive, optical drive, card reader (if applicable)

All removable drives are confirmed to be included in My Computer.

Partition and format external hard drives (if applicable)

Any purchased external hard drives are configured for use out of the box, with the exception of Western Digital MyBook drives, which are required to be configured by the end-user.

Optimize Windows settings for SSD (if applicable)

We optimize the operating system settings for your solid-state drives using the Intel SSD Toolbox Suite and verify the firmware version is current.

Test touchpad sensitivity (if applicable)

With laptops, we specifically test the touchpad to make sure the sensitivity is properly calibrated and free from hardware defects.

Check special notebook functions (if applicable)

At this step, we test some specific functions to laptops:

  • Wireless continues to function on battery power
  • ALL special physical hotkeys function
  • ALL function keys across numeric row function
  • Integrated accessories (IE. mic, webcam, fingerprint reader)
  • Bluetooth can pair with a device

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