How does refurbished IT equipment and technology fit into the new normal?

How does refurbished IT equipment and technology fit into the new normal?

South African consumers are under significant pressure. The economic pressure that South African consumers, being individuals or businesses, are feeling has negatively impacted discretionary spending to the extent that they are looking for more affordable alternatives.

This is particularly evident in the business world where organisations want to grow their businesses but face very tight budgets at the same time.

Is refurbished IT infrastructure the new normal given the cost constraints consumers face?

“People never considered whether this is even an option, let alone the new normal that they will face in the future,” says Kwirirai Rukowo, GM of Qrent who adds that it actually makes perfect sense when looked at with an open mind.

“South Africans are constantly complaining that discretionary spending is under pressure. Well, with refurbished IT infrastructure and technology, the cost benefits are high, and you are able to get the same work for significantly less.”

 Renewed focus

Rukowo points out that, given the economic pressures that businesses face, talks about using refurbished IT equipment and technology is the new normal. 

“If you think about it, refurbished IT equipment and technology has been the unsung hero for so many years. The only thing that has prevented this from becoming the norm is the misconceptions that exist in the market,” says Rukowo.

Myth busters

Here are some of the common misconceptions regarding refurbished IT equipment and technology.

  • Refurbished hardware is another word for used. Yes, refurbished hardware has been used before, the difference from other used or preowned goods is that refurbished hardware is thoroughly checked, tested, completely overhauled, and verified to function;
  • Refurbished hardware has a short lifespan. Refurbished hardware is overhauled, faulty components are replaced, the latest version of software is installed, specs are upgraded and restored to almost new – meaning, you can expect a long lifespan;
  • Refurbished hardware has performance issues. The rigorous refurbishing process enhances performance and reliability, delivering the same or similar performance as compared to new devices. Qualified professionals test every product before they leave the warehouse and can produce performance certificates for each of their refurbished devices;
  • Refurbished computers have lesser computing power as compared to new devices. In studies conducted of a new computer vs. a refurbished one, based on speed and the tasks performed on each, users couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Refurbished hardware has adequate power and storage for most users, from the CPU and memory to the hard drive; and
  • Refurbished hardware is sold “as is”. Unlike goods sold on a secondary online marketplace that sells goods as is, refurbished hardware from a reputable provider comes with warranties and guarantees. Should a malfunction or issue occur, you can get your computer fixed or swapped out if necessary.

Refurbished hardware is the greenest choice

Refurbishing hardware also extends the life of IT equipment, giving a strong boost to the circular economy. “When we adopt and encourage the reuse of refurbished hardware, we limit the extraction of natural resources, reduce global emissions, and minimise the impact technology production and usage is having on the world,” concludes Rukowo.

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