A different way to access growth within the gig economy

In a world that is increasingly being driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and key technologies which are connecting people around the world, the shift towards the gig economy is becoming increasingly important.

 This received an additional boost when President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that on 31 March 2022, the analogue television signal will be turned off as the country moves towards digital television signals. The spectrum that was once used up by the analogue signal will be made available to service providers and could pave the way for increased internet access through fibre and key technologies such as 5G.

 South Africa is facing a major unemployment crisis. To address this challenge, many South Africans are offering their services to multiple companies on a freelance basis. This means that South Africa has the potential to become a major player in the gig economy. A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organisations hire independent workers for short-term commitments.

 With this in mind, business owners will need access to the necessary tools to become a player in the gig economy. With the South African economy as tight as it is, and very little signs of any improvement, discretionary spending has become increasingly tight.

A different way to grow in the gig economy

While we all have a dream of one day buying a new Mercedes Benz or BMW, this is becoming increasingly difficult for many South Africans. Many South Africans who are looking to own these vehicles are turning to the pre-owned market where vehicles that have undergone significant quality checks are proving to be extremely popular.

 The same principles apply to your IT network. Purchasing new computers and laptops is becoming expensive, particularly with the supply chain issues and the microchip shortage that the world is facing. Renting this equipment is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the range of support services that Qrent offers as part of, and in addition to, the rental contract.

 Quality and support guaranteed

One of the major concerns when considering the decision to rent or purchase high quality refurbished machines is the quality of the assets that you are purchasing or renting. The natural progression towards accessing new equipment is because you are guaranteed that you are accessing quality products.

 Quality should not be a deterrent considering using a refurbished machine. The same quality checks that are used on new equipment is used on our high-quality refurbished machines. Through strict documentation and procedures, our technicians maintain control of quality throughout every step of our product lifecycle.

 The quality control process is divided into six separate processes, ensuring that specialised expertise is applied to each stage of our process. This system also provides the filtering necessary to prevent any quality problem from falling through the cracks.

 The range of machines at your disposal include major brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple devices.

The financial bottom line

After the quality concerns have been dealt with, the major determining factor when purchasing an asset is price.

 A major drawcard of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is that the price of the vehicle is significantly cheaper than purchasing an off the shelf asset.

 The secondary computer market is increasing in value as South Africans want to become early adopters of the gig economy. Renting plays a major role in this market as the costs are significantly cheaper than new equipment. We offer both long-term and short-term rental contracts that will suit your specific needs.

 Business tools can be expensive and a strain on cash flow. Renting, through its predetermined monthly payments, frees up cash for other expenses and investments, lowers potential debt, and facilitates easy and reasonable upgrades. Having efficient and updated equipment can enhance your business and having obsolete equipment can break it. Businesses that opt to rent enjoy quality, certified refurbished hardware, lower maintenance costs, and don’t have to worry about obsolescence.

 Another important factor to consider is whether the rental provider offers insurance or warranty. Technology updates, shrinkage and downtime are all possible realities with equipment and should always be taken into consideration. Make sure there are no hidden costs or additional call-out charges. A rental provider that already includes insurance or warranty as part of the package saves you time and money.

 South Africa is increasingly playing a role in the sustainable economy. High quality refurbished machines and computer rentals play a major role in the circular economy by giving a machine multiple uses. This is an important consideration for medium sized companies that are trying to run their organisations on a budget. This is also a significant consideration for large companies who want to play an increased role in sustainability.

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