5 reasons why you should

be renting your office IT

5 reasons why you should be renting your office IT

Mobile service operators MTN, Vodacom and Telkom have invested significant capital into improving their infrastructure since the recent spectrum auction. This means that access to the internet will become cheaper, there will be a greater reach into rural areas which previously struggled to access this technology, and according to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the licensing of the new spectrum is also accompanied by agreed social obligations to connect public schools, health facilities and police stations over the next three years.

The increased spectrum provides companies with opportunities to expand into these rural areas to create jobs and build economies that can benefit these communities. When running a company in a rural community, mobility is key. Access to IT equipment such as laptops means that your workforce can service the community it operates in  effectively and efficiently.

However, this can be expensive outright, but if companies start small and consider renting their IT equipment, they can build these economies and create jobs while containing costs.

Here are five reasons why you should consider renting your IT equipment:

 1. Rentals save money and hassles

Renting IT equipment is usually a good option for companies because it saves them both money and time. Event management in rural communities is massive because the whole community attends weddings and funerals. When arranging an event, renting IT equipment is ideal since it lets you meet your needs while staying within budget.

Laptops are popular options because of their mobility and versatility. Different configurations are required for various situations. Therefore, laptop rental businesses will deliver the most recent versions of what you need.

 2. Affordability

Access to technology comes with a hefty price tag. The large initial investment required upfront could be a deterrent for most organisations. Renting the laptops, desktops, or printers required is a cost-effective way to access the equipment you need. Initial costs are low, and payments are spread out during the duration of the rental contract making budgeting easier.

3. Low maintenance

Another significant advantage of renting IT equipment is the lower cost of maintenance as compared to owning computers. Anyone who has invested in IT equipment will tell you that maintenance costs are quite expensive. Rental contracts usually come with a service agreement built into them. This means that you will have certified IT technicians on call.

4. Quality guarantee

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to the secondary IT market is that the purchaser will be accessing equipment that is of an inferior quality. With service providers like Qrent, a lot of time and effort goes into refurbishing our products so that they adhere to very high standards. All of our products go through extensive quality checks and are backed by comprehensive service and support options that will reassure our clients that they have devices that will help their companies enable productivity and grow profitability.

5. Adjusting to a more mobile workforce

A more flexible workforce using rental laptops might be a great advantage to your company, allowing your staff to be more productive as you adjust to your company’s changing and adaptable demands, The ability to choose when to scale up or down provides the flexibility to get the equipment required and return it when it is no longer needed.

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